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West Chester Child Relocation Lawyers Make the Transition as Easy as Possible for You and Your Family

Providing accomplished relocation guidance and assistance when you need it most

The Law Office of Marta S. Laynas understands that circumstances change and you may need to modify an existing child custody order. At this firm, you get the information and advice you need to understand Pennsylvania relocation laws and guidelines and make the best decisions for your family. Relocation decisions can be made through mutual agreement and mediation or with court-ordered modifications.

Pennsylvania law limits a parent’s ability to relocate and imposes strict guidelines that must be followed

Pennsylvania statute dictates that neither parent may relocate unless each person who has custody rights to the child consents to the relocation or the court approves the relocation. The party wishing to relocate must provide adequate notice to each person with custody rights. The notice must be given within a specific timeframe and include specific details about the relocating party’s new residence. The party proposing the relocation bears the burden of proving that the relocation is in the best interests of the child. An experienced West Chester child relocation family law attorney can ensure that you understand the requirements and procedures for your proposed relocation and the potential objections that may be applicable.

What factors does the court consider when analyzing a potential relocation?

The primary concern in any decision involving minor children is always the best interests of the child. The court considers:

  • The nature, quality, extent and duration of the child’s relationship with both the relocating and non-relocating parent and the child’s relationship with siblings and other significant persons
  • The age and development of the child and the proposed relocation’s potential effect on the physical, educational and emotional development of the child
  • The feasibility of preserving the child’s relationship with each parent
  • The child’s preference, depending on the age and maturity of the child
  • Each parent’s willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent
  • The potential financial, emotional and educational benefits and opportunities for the party intending to relocate and the child
  • The reasons and motivations behind the proposed relocation
  • Any history of domestic abuse and potential danger to the child
  • Any other factor deemed relevant by the court

Relocating without following Pennsylvania guidelines leads to significant consequences for both you and your child

If a parent chooses to relocate without providing proper notice to each party with custody rights, the court may impose serious sanctions. The court considers the failure to provide notice as a factor in making a relocation determination or a modification to established child custody orders. The court also has the ability to hold the noncompliant party in contempt of court and may order that party to pay any attorney fees and costs incurred as a result of the failure.

Seek advice from an established West Chester family law firm when considering a relocation

Rely on The Law Office of Marta S. Laynas to help you navigate the legal system and assess how relocation affects your family. Serving clients in West Chester and the surrounding counties, the attorneys can be reached at 610-692-3460 or online.

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